910 Offshore Bank Accounts

If you select a reputable offshore company incorporation agency they should be able to introduce you to several reputable banks both onshore and offshore. They could make obtaining an offshore bank account a straightforward and secure process.

This is because they should have close affiliations with a good number of offshore and international banks. They should work with these banks in order to meet the primary objective of preventing money laundering terrorist financing. Another service they could render is introducing you to a reliable and professional insurer. The PII Hub (www.piihub.co.uk) is an excellent source of liability insurance.

You should ask for a guarantee that the offshore banks they work with all comply with legal guidelines and procedure involved in setting up a secure offshore bank account. At this junction, it is worth mentioning that the process of setting up an offshore bank account can tend to be a time consuming process, because of the checks, risk assessments and documents the banks will require.

Furthermore, once an offshore bank account is active, it is crucial to communicate with the bank on regularly basis. This ensures that the bank is well briefed with the affairs of the client company. The relationship between an offshore bank and the client company can be a sensitive one. Hence, this sort of regular communications regarding any changes in business activities is necessary. The right agency for you can not only find you the right offshore bank account, but can also find you an onshore or offshore bank in a tax haven jurisdiction.

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